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Vermont Mutual Insurance Group's History Part II

First Vermont Mutual Office
Vermont Mutual Fire Insurance Company office, 1828 - 1832


For the first four years of its existence, the office of Vermont Mutual resided in the small wooden clapboard home of its secretary, Joshua Vail. Reportedly there was no safe for securing money, and for a time, cash was secretly stored in a hole in one the floorboards.

Vermont Mutual’s second home was Daniel Baldwin’s single-story, “fire-proof” brick home. Years later a second story was added (incidentally, it was within those very walls that the National Life Insurance Company began its business back in 1850.)

The second Vermont Mutual office
The second Vermont Mutual office, 1832 - 1869

By 1869 the "Old Vermont" had grown to such an extent that a larger building was required. At a cost of $36,280.60, a new building was constructed that remains in Montpelier to this very day.

Third Vermont Mutual Office
The third Vermont Mutual office, 1869 - 1954

Vermont Mutual's office remained within those walls until 1954, when they moved to their present day office at 89 State Street, on the very same property that the original clapboard structure resided back in 1828.

Current Vermont Mutual Office
Vermont Mutual's current building, painted white in the 1940s and prior to the 2-story rear addition

Built in 1810, the Federal-style building was one of the first houses on State Street in Montpelier. In 1954, a 106 foot, 2-story addition was added to the rear of the building to house ever-expanding staff. In 1986, as Vermont Mutual continued to grow, a 4-story building was added next door. In October of 2011, an expansive 12,000 square foot facility was constructed in Berlin, Vermont, to bring the total square footage of the Vermont Mutual offices to 50,000 square feet. Through these offices, Vermont Mutual is able to effectively and efficiently serve over 300,000 policyholders.

Current Vermont Mutual Office
The current Vermont Mutual office, 1954 - present


  • In 1827 Vermont Mutual Fire Insurance Company received its charter and officially opened its doors in 1828.
  • In 1954 Vermont Mutual purchased the assets of Northern Security Insurance Company, Inc. to make it its subsidiary Company.
  • In 1967 Vermont Mutual Fire Insurance Company changed its name to Vermont Mutual Insurance Company.
  • In 1995 Vermont Mutual became affiliated with Granite Mutual Insurance Company of Barre, Vermont.

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Agent Locations: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York State, Rhode Island and Vermont.